Nocturnal Olympus

Alpinists have seen it. The long approach hike to the base of the walls to be climbed usually takes place in the night. Hikers most of the time avoid it because refuges are closed and setting up a tent during a windy and cold night is not always a pleasant experience. Long distance trail runners have no option but to compromise, since a great portion of long trail running events inevitably takes place during the night.

No matter of feelings and fears, the nocturnal march offers unique insights into personal geography, apocalyptic scenery and an interesting distortion of space and time. All it takes is a bit of courage, a dose of discomfort, a solid headlamp and the abstract desire to turn oneself into a nocturnal being.

In iconic mountains with well-marked trails as in the case of Mount Olympus the myths and the tails of the past four thousand years may come true as the very vivid moment of truth usually arrives before sunrise…

Photos by Savvas Vasileiadis (http://olympusnp.blogspot.gr/)