Smells like Spring Spirit

After a month of almost continuous unsettled weather characterized by below average temperatures, wet conditions (rain, hail and some snow) and increased cloudiness (fog, low clouds), it seems that spring has finally arrived on the upper Mount Olympus.
A few days of reasonable weather were the exception between late May and mid June as seen on the following time lapse from early June: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiExzKEufuE.
With a few distilled recollections on the last winter?s season which included Dynafit?s Mount Olympus expedition (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak6LQRRYiK4), the inspiration that we got from Konstantinos Lyketsos and Daffy Triantafyllou (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b-dSN103pw) and the good climbing conditions during early - mid May, it has become obvious that we should forget the snow and focus on snow free activities. 

The north face of Skala in great climbing conditions during early May.

Traversing from Mytikas (2918m) to Skala (2866m), in typical Mount Olympus mid May weather. 

As also witnessed by the appearance of the endemic species and the fauna that exist on the upper ramparts of the mountain, winter has gone for good. All trails are clear of snow (in a few occasions a few remaining snow patches have been cleared from the snow) while night temperatures at 2650m are still hovering in the range of 5oC.

Mount Olympus alpine fragile environment

However, on the trailheads the heat is evident making it good for an early start. The north side of the mountain is definitely a good antidote to the early morning heat of the eastern side. A visual tour of Mount Olympus east side (Gortsia ? Plateau of Muses ? Mytikas ? Prionia) is provided on http://vimeo.com/79771403
With a few trail running events (Olympus Marathon, Olympus Mythical Trail 100km and Faethon) coming soon and with the climbing season already counting a few repetitions of routes mainly on Stefani east face, it surely smells like spring spirit up here.


Olympus Marathon marks the beginning of the trail running season on Mount Olympus
that ultimately includes 5 races.
Photo Loukas Anestis


Climbing on the ?Natsis Pass? (200m, IV), the most pleasant route to Mytikas
during the 2012 Mount Olympus Alpine center. 

Photo GoExperience

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Many Greetings from the Plateau of Muses!