Summer season marches on. Part II

As the summer season marches on, the snow on the slopes melts and the weather gets more stable, we are happy to share with you another update on the conditions on Mount Olympus and on the functioning of Refuge Ch. Kakkalos.

The intimidating W face of Stefani (left) NW face of Mytikas (right) are waiting for this summers’ rock dwellers (Photo © Mike Styllas)
  • As of June 15, the refuge accepts reservations for sleeping.
  • The dormitory can accommodate 10 persons.
  • Visitors must book make a reservation before coming to the refuge, otherwise they will not be allowed to sleep in the hut.
  • No blankets or linens are provided by the refuge. Every visitor is responsible to bring his/her own sleeping bag, pillowcase and linens, as well as his personal hygiene items.
  • Every visitor should sign the Personal Statement uploaded in Olympus Climbing and bring it with him in the refuge (COVID-19. Personal Statement for Accommodation in Refuge Ch Kakkalos.pdf).
Personal responsibility remains important: Washing your hands regularly with soap and water and keeping your distance are still the best ways of preventing infection.  
All trails on Mount Olympus are free of snow and the access to the summits of Mytikas, Stefani and Skolio is open.

A loner enjoying the evening view from the Plateau of Muses (Photo © Mike Styllas)
Do not forget your helmet and your safety equipment when attempting to climb to Mytikas and Stefani.
Our best wishes for a safe and enjoy full summer.
Refuge Ch. Kakkalos team