Refuge Ch. Kakkalos Spring Skiing & Climbing Days

The prelude of this winter during November and December of 2018 was an on-and-off deal, but right after New Year’s, winter conditions in the Southern Balkans did show their teeth. Successive cold fronts from the Arctic domain loaded with moisture from the Black and the Aegean Seas struck the Greek mainland and the Aegean islands as well to produce above average amounts of snow.

Plateau of Muses Spring Powder (Photo © Stefan Demay)

The first major dump on Mount Olympus took place in early January and after that, a heavy winter followed. A “spring break” in early March with high temperatures, was favorable for settling the snowpack and reducing extremely high avalanche danger. Over the last week additional snow fell on the slopes of the Divine Mountain, but as the 0oC level is expected to rise close to the summit of Mytikas (2918m), it seems that we are heading towards the great Spring Skiing & Climbing Days.

The introduction to the east facing summit couloirs. East Strivada couloir (120m, 40o max), between theclassic Stefani and Mytikas couloirs (Photo © Stefan Demay)

Refuge Christos Kakkalos will be open for the last 2 weeks of March (fixed dates are March 20-26th), with a likely continuation over the first weekend of April.

For availability please send an inquiry email, or contact Alex at +30 6937 306019, +30 6937 361689.


A moonlit spring night (Photo © Themstoklis Lambiridis)

Best Wishes for these Great Skiing and Climbing Spring Days!
Refuge Christos Kakkalos Team