Refuge Christos Kakkalos Winter Season 2018


Refuge Christos Kakkalos Winter Season 2018

As another globally challenging calendar year is about to conclude its existence, and a new one to arrive, we lay ahead the plan of winter openings one of Refuge Christos Kakkalos.

We hoping that for the New Year the global climate (not to mention politics and its adherents) will adjust less violently to the ongoing man-made pushing (thanks to these adherents), and we greet the coming snowfalls that testify the commencement of another interesting winter.

For the 15th season our small, one of the smallest in Europe, mountain refuge will be functioning for certain periods from mid-February to mid-April.

One of the highlights planned for this winter, is the visit of the Groupe Feminine de Haute Montagne (, for more than a week of skiing and climbing on Mount Olympus. After the visit of world-renowned free skier Eva Walkner ( back in 2010, it will be an enlightening experience to witness again the modern version of Muses dancing on the slopes and the cliffs of the Gods Alley!

The winter season 2018 program is as follows:
  • February 17-18
  • March 16-18 (Kotronaros Base Camp - FULL)
  • March 20-24 (Saint Gervais Guides Bureau)
  • March 24-30 (Groupe Feminine de Haute Montagne)
  • April 11-14 (Italian Ski Mountaineering Team) 

Our Best Wishes for the coming Year!
Mike & Alex