Doing more with less

Mountains attracted people since antiquity, long before mountaineering and its derivatives appeared. The outburst of industrial revolution provided people with more free time, higher standards of living and brought the desire for exploration and conquest. After years of territorial exploration and heavy expeditions, purity became gradually an obsession and fueled the ambition of climbers, ultimately giving birth to alpinism. Through all outdoor activities the timeless values of self-efficiency, of continuous movement, of overcoming mental and physical boundaries, will continue pushing people to explore new heights and doing more with less...

The world from Mytikas (Photo © Konstantinos Vasilakakos)

In search of purity and spiritual balance, photographer Konstantinos Vasilakakos (https://el-gr.facebook.com/Vasilakakos.Konstantinos) spends starlight nights on Mount Olympus summit and Marc Altena from the Netherlands, is bikepacking Mytikas (https://vimeo.com/195174943), both of them courageous enough to transfer their experiences in our screens.