Transition from winter to summer. Refuge Ch. Kakkalos summer season kicks off

The exit from the past heavy winter was rather slow. There was still fine skiing on the valley and north couloirs until mid-May, as snow has accumulated more in lower elevations. As we are ready to kick off the summer season there is still snow in several locations that requires extra caution and proper equipment. As summer as reached the lower elevations springy conditions still prevail on the upper mountain with low night temperatures.
We are happy to announce the opening of the 2022 summer season on Friday May 27. The season will last until the end of October.

The Divine winter view from Toumba Peak (2800m) looking down to Barbalas ridge and Pindos Mountains to the west (Photo © Mike Styllas)

There are still considerable amounts of snow above Spilios Agapitos refuge, along the E4 trail towards the summits of Skala and Skolio. The ridge of Skala to Mytikas is now snow free.
Other routes that are still snow-covered are “Zonaria” trail, the traverse trail passing below the couloirs of Stefani and Mytikas summits connecting the Plateau of Muses with the E4 trail and the shortcut trail “Kofto” connecting Spilios Agapitos refuge with the Plateau of Muses, where several snowfields persist. Sparse snowfields still exist above Petrostrouga refuge along the route from Gortsia to the Plateau of Muses.
More information about booking and conditions can be found in the following contact coordinates:
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+30 6937 361689
The refuge pricelist can be found in the following link here

As the first heatwave of the summer is striking Greece, we send you our Greetings for a safe and adventurous summer.
Refuge Ch Kakkalos team