Summer Season 2021 Refuge Opening

Dear Mountain lovers. After another winter with not much mountaineering and skiing activity due to the imposed restrictions, we are pleased to announce the opening of refuge Christos Kakkalos for the 2021 summer season, on Friday May 27.
The forests are green, but there is still lots snow in the trails below the summits and in the great couloirs running down to 2000m. (Photo © Mike Styllas)

COVID-19 measures

As the COVID-19 pandemic is persisting, we all have to take into account that the operation of the refuge contains some measures that if we all respect, we will enjoy a great summer on Mount Olympus and beyond.

  • Please be aware that due the current COVID-19 situation, the functioning, the reception conditions and the services offered by Refuge Ch. Kakkalos are not be the same as usual. 
  •   Also, be aware that either you come to the refuge alone, or as a member of a group, you have to bring along your personal specific equipment (individual protection and disinfection equipment, hydro-alcoholic gel, mask, duvet, personal linens). The refuge will not provide linens and blankets.
  •     Do not hike up to the refuge if any member in your group, or yourself, present symptoms associated with the COVID-19 These include intense cough, fever  above 37.8°C, diarrhea, nausea, cold, extreme fatigue, conjunctivitis and loss of taste or smell.
  •   Before entering the refuge, you should disinfect your hands upon, respect the distancing measures and the specific behavior rules imposed by Ch. Kakkalos refuge team. Please keep in mind that distancing measures and the refuge rules can change anytime during the 2021 season, in compliance with the decisions of the Hellenic Government.
  •     When you leave the refuge, take along with me you the equipment used during your stay and especially, your personal hygiene items and the disposable protections and linens used during your sleep.

Snow conditions

Current conditions on the mountain are typical of late spring. Even though the snow is melting fast due to the recent high temperatures, the traverse trails below Stefani and Mytikas (Zonaria) still hold lots of snow. You can observe the conditions under Stefani (Thorne of Zeus) from our webcam (http://www.snowreport.gr/snowcam/olympos/

There are few snow patches on the route from Petrostrouga refuge to the Plateau of Muses, below Skourta. Upon exiting the ridge of Laimos use the short cable cord to enter the Plateau of Muses. The summer trail is covered with snow.

The shortcut trail from Spilios Agapitos refuge to the Plateau of Muses (Kofto trail), also contains several snow crossings, one of them at least 150m wide. 

The route from Skala to Mytikas is almost free of snow, while long stretches within the couloir of Mytikas are still covered with snow. The snowpack can be very hard, or even icy in the early morning and night hours, requiring the use of crampons and ice axe, so extra caution is needed.


We wish you an adventurous, safe and healthy summer,

The refuge Christos Kakkalos team