Spring Equinox Refuge Ch. Kakkalos opening

The feeling of a heavy winter came early in the season. By late November, we had the feeling that we are heading into a heavy winter. But things did not continued this way as from the first days of 2020 successive anticyclones over Siberia associated with low pressure systems in the Mediterranean, triggered a series polar outbreaks across the Aegean Sea, which resulted in very little fresh snowfalls so far. Most of the snow accumulated in Central Greece, northern Peloponnese and the island of Crete.

Poor snow falls and northerly cold winds have resulted in settled conditions of the snowpack. Hoping for more snow to come as the season progresses (Photo © Mike Styllas)

It is hard to predict the evolution of winter, but for the time being the snow conditions on Mount Olympus are relatively poor (about 0.5 – 1.0m snow accumulation on the Plateau of Muses) and the snowpack is hard and settled. The valley of Xerolaki on the north side, keeps busy with skiers, whereas climbing conditions are good.

Our annual rendezvous with the Gods will take place during the Spring Equinox. Saturday March 21st. The refuge will be open until March 25th, given that weather conditions will be reasonably stable with no major storms. The refuge will also open for short periods during early April, depending on demand and availability.

A creamy cover over the Plateau of Muses, is yet to arrive (Photo © Mike Styllas)
Fixed prices for the winter season are 50€/person for demi-pension / half-board, including breakfast, dinner and sleeping charges. For further information for winter reservations, please give us a call, or drop an email.
Best Wishes for a safe and joyful winter season.
Refuge Ch. Kakkalos Team