Refuge Christos Kakkalos. Winter Season 2019 - Part 2

Marching into a heavy winter at least for the Eastern Alps and south Balkans, Mount Olympus is no exception to this reality. Polar temperatures and weather coming from the Arctic trademarked the last extended snowfall, which loaded the mountains of Greece with a meter of fresh snow. Southwest winds combined with low temperatures after early January’s snowfall loaded the northern and eastern slopes even more.

Consequently, the avalanche danger on Mount Olympus flirts with number 5, as these words walk out of the keyboard. Sadly, this overall situation resulted recently in a fatal avalanche at Bansko ski center in Bulgaria and in a destructive one at Kalavryta Ski Center in Peloponnese. Snowpack conditions and low temperatures on Mount Olympus, still call for great caution as due to the low temperatures the avalanche danger is still very high, especially on the east and north facing slopes and couloirs. 

Keeping in track with our 15-year long tradition, we announce the opening of refuge Christos Kakkalos from mid-March to early April. For the weekends of 23-25 March and April 4-5 the refuge is fully booked but for the rest of the days skiers from many destinations across Europe will be enjoying the white blanket of God’s Alley.

The God’s Alley (aka Plateau of Muses) with refuge Ch Kakkalos half buried from January’s heavy dump. (Photo © Mike Styllas)

For reservation inquiries for this period, please use our website’s Contact Form, or contact Alex (+30 6937 306019, +30 6937b361689), as Mike is searching for bacteria under the glaciers of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.
Best Wishes for a safe and joyful winter season.
Refuge Ch. Kakkalos team