Closure of Refuge Christos Kakkalos on October 21st 2018 (ακολουθεί Ελληνική έκδοση)

After a very nice smooth summer season that was marked by a wet summer, stability of weather finally came in the late season with October being more summery than June - July, to just remind us how relaxing Mount Olympus can be (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=qADqKhNLHnU...a great thanks to Dimitris Athanasiadis for the nice and representative video!)

But after this short spell of nice weather, winter is approaching a little bit faster than anticipated, so we decided to close Refuge Christos Kakkalos on Sunday October 21st, purely for safety reasons.

Multiple weather forecasts (http://www.emy.gr/emy/en/forecast/xartis_prognosis_kairou_elladas?imerominia=2018-10-22%2006:00:00, https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Olympus/forecasts/2917, http://forecast.uoa.gr/LINKS/SKIRON/skiron.php?field=zoomsnow&lan=en,) preclude a significant deterioration of weather, starting ον Sunday evening, with snow accumulation up to 50cm. The National Meteorological Society of Greece has issued a Weather Warning.

After this forecasted late October snowfall, hikers are advised to avoid the traverse under Stefani (Throne of Zeus) and Giosos Pass as, predicted conditions resume to large accumulations of wind-blown snow that transforms fast to ice in the base and which can be extremely dangerous.

As the freezing level will drop to 2000m, verglass is likely to form in the shady parts of the trails and under the trees, even in lower elevations of Mount Olympus as well.

The refuges of “Spilios Agapitos” and “Petrostrouga” will remain open until October 29th, but always consult with the managers for the conditions prior to your arrival.

Our Best Wishes for a Nice Winter!
Refuge Christos Kakkalos Team