Refuge Christos Kakkalos Summer Season 2018 (General Info)

The Plateau of Muses, with Throne of Zeus, Mytikas and refuge Christos Kakkalos in the background. Small is beautiful. (Photo © Bill Economou)

Having almost forget and left the long winter season behind, we are heading to our 16th season of semi-permanent residence on Mount Olympus, and we are pleased to announce the opening of Refuge Christos Kakkalos on Friday May 25th. The refuge will remain open until Sunday October 28th

Booking policy

Bookings for the refuge are finalized upon a non-refundable deposit for the sleeping rate (13€/person or 11€/person) as specified below. Wire transfers through the bank can be made at:
Refuge Ch. Kakkalos Reservations Bank Account: 
Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR06 0172 2270 0052 2708 6987 654 
(Please do not forget to mention your name and the date of your reservation)
For booking inquiries and for organization of custom made or organized tours please email us: mstyllas@olympus-climbing.gr,
or contact us by phone: +30 23521 00009.

There are 3 main packages offered:
Lodging: 13€/person or 11€/person for UIAA Alpine Club members with valid ID for 2018.
Sleeping with breakfast: 20€/person
Half-board: 35€/person (breakfast, dinner & sleeping).
Alternatively, you can order you meals while in the refuge. Our kitchen is open from 6:30am to 10:00 pm. You can check our pricelist prior to your arrival (http://www.olympus-climbing.gr/images/Refuge%20Kakkalos%20pricelist_2017.pdf).

Mount Olympus Webcam
Take a look on the real-time conditions on the Plateau of Muses by checking our webcam (http://www.snowreport.gr/snowcam/olympos/), which is powered by NOVA (http://www.nova.gr/), following their installation of satellite communication https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGj_377OVAQ).
Garbage policy. Leave No Trace
There are no garbage bins in the refuge. All visitors are kindly required to take their garbage off the mountain and dispose them in specific garbage bins in Litochoro. Just remember that “an empty container is lighter than a full one”.
No Wi-Fi is offered in the refuge. Talk to your friends, or if you travel solo, it is a good chance to make new ones!


A long exposure of the night sky of Mount Olympus, with Polaris centered above the peak of Profitis Ilias. (Photo © Vangelis Tasoulis)

With Our Best Wishes for Happy Trails & Safe Climbs!
The Refuge Christos Kakkalos Team